The Resilient Company: Cloud Native Patterns to Help Navigate a Crisis

There are two types of existential crises.

The first type is slow evolutionary change that involves years of small environmental alterations. We’ve written a book on the subject that shows how to introduce consistent incremental change while preserving the current business for as long as needed.

You can find the book here: Cloud Native Transformation 

The second type of crisis is sudden and dramatic. The world may change overnight. It might be a new and unexpected competitor, a change in regulations, or a worldwide pandemic like we are experiencing now.

In such situation, you need:

  • Strong leadership to show people the way
  • Fast, defensive actions to ensure the business will survive 
  • A search for new opportunities to exit the crisis as a stronger organisation

We've got a new e-book to help you navigate both kinds of crises. 


In the Cloud Native world, patterns are proven steps you can take and combine to build a strategy. The new e-book by Pini Reznik, Container Solutions' co-founder and chief revenue officer, contains 47 patterns designed to help your organisation navigate a crisis and emerge stronger from it.

The e-book also includes:

  • How to reduce risk when responding to an evolutionary crisis
  • Combining patterns to form a crisis response
  • Common scenarios that can result in failure—and how to avoid them


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Meet the author

PiniPini Reznik is co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Container Solutions. Starting as a developer more than 20 years ago and moving through technical, managerial, and consulting positions in configuration management and operations areas, Pini acquired deep understanding of the software delivery processes. His company helps organisations in Europe and North America improve their value to customers by modernising their software delivery pipeline. He is co-author of the new O’Reilly Media book, Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation.


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