Cloud Native Transformation Patterns Workshop

Learn How Patterns Can Map
Your Journey to the Cloud

Cloud Native is more than just a technology or tool set. It is also a new way of working—which makes going Cloud Native an extensive undertaking. 

Cloud Native systems are very new, and innately complex. But even in these early days for a powerful new paradigm, we already know some methods for moving to the cloud successfully. 

Based on our experience in helping enterprises move to the cloud, Container Solutions has devised a set of patterns that make it easier for developers, managers, and executives to discuss, learn, and apply the best practices in Cloud Native. These are high-level patterns for strategy and risk reduction, intended to guide decision making—patterns for transforming your organization and culture to this new way of thinking and working. 

Let Us Help You Get Started

You can sign up now for a Container Solutions-led workshop. Our experts will come to your office and show you and your team how to use some of our more than 70 patterns to figure out what steps to take at each step of a Cloud Native transformation. We’ll start by mapping out the journey of a fictional company, WealthGrid, as a makes its move toward the cloud. 

No technical expertise is needed for this workshop—executives, managers, and engineers alike can join in.  The conversations sparked while playing the WealthGrid Game will help your team think through its own real-life challenges and opportunities.

Get a Deck of Inspiration

Order our Cloud Native Transformation cards. This deck of cards, which we use in our workshops, features many of the patterns you’ll find in Container Solutions’ forthcoming book, ‘Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation’, published by O’Reilly.

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