Cloud Native London

25 - 27 September 2019

CodeNode, 10 South Place, London

If you missed Cloud Native London, you can still find out below what three experts from our Container Solutions team shared with participants at the event.


Our Speakers:


Adrian Mouat is Chief Scientist at Container Solutions, a professional services company specialising in container technologies and Cloud Native transformations. He is currently researching container orchestration platforms and image management. Adrian authored ‘Using Docker’ for O'Reilly publishing and is a member of the Docker Captains program.

At Cloud Native London, Adrian gave a talk titled 'Advanced Techniques for Building Container Images'. He led a tour through Docker 19.03's new buildkit tooling, and showed how it can be used to improve the development build cycle.

You can see Adrian's presentation slides here.




Ádám Sándor. After long years of building software and throwing it over the wall, Ádám happily dove into Cloud Native to break that wall down for good. Now he's spreading the word about Kubernetes, Continuous Delivery, and Docker to all who are willing to listen. He mainly does this in his job as a Cloud Native Consultant at Container Solutions.

Ádám's Cloud Native London talk was titled, 'Large-Scale Continuous Delivery: the Building of a Platform'. He shared his story of how his team  helped create an enterprise-wide Cloud Native CI/CD platform for a highly regulated company in Germany.

You can see Ádám's presentation slides here.



Jamie Dobson is co-founder and CEO of Container Solutions and co-author of the new O’Reilly book, ‘Cloud Native Transformation’. 

At Cloud Native London, Jamie spoke about 'Cloud Native Patterns', telling how the team at Container Solutions has created a pattern language to help companies succeed at adopting Cloud Native. The patterns provide a common language and range from the technical to the organisational. In his Cloud Native London talk, he outlined how patterns were successfully combined at companies like Asos, The Financial Times, SkyScanner, and ITV.

You can see Jamie's presentation slides here.

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