WTF is Cluster API

And why bother figuring that out?

29 July (Come spend your Thursday with us)

15:00 CEST (90 mins)



‘Kubernetes cluster management across diverse and complex setups’… a mouthful that comes with eye rolls, headaches, jaw pain (from all the clenching). How do we ease this all? 

Cluster API. 

Yes, it’s worth the buzz it’s been receiving. But WTF makes it different from all the other projects which promise the same benefits?

Come spend some time with us on Thursday and we’ll answer exactly that; and not just from a technical perspective. A few Google searches could give you those answers. 

We’re looking at it from a high-level strategic point of view, so that you can get perspective to understand and harness the benefits of Cluster API, specific to what you need. 

Like Kubernetes, this is one of the cases where the tech is interesting but the strategic implications for your organization are where it’s really at.


  • Strategic understanding of the need for standardisation in a multi-cloud world
  • How Cluster API aims to prevent vendor lock in
  • Future plans for Cluster API integration

Who should attend?

  • Managers scaling up their Kubernetes usage
  • Tech stack decision-makers
  • Cloud enthusiasts
  • Digital pioneers

Our Speakers will include:

Marcel MuellerMarcel Müller is a Platform Engineer at Giant Swarm where he works on Kubernetes Operators and focuses on all things Release Engineering. He is passionate about infrastructure automation in distributed systems and building fault-tolerant software. During the last two years he has been closely following Kubernetes upstream developments such as Cluster-API and KIND.

Our Host:

dawidDawid Ziolkowski is a Cloud Native Engineer at Container Solutions with over 8 years of DevOps/System Engineer experience of designing networks, building clusters, writing automation, improving CI/CD pipelines. Besides CNE work - Machine Learning, IoT and full-stack development are what he learns. He’s also into photography, all things automotive and a range of sports.

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