WTF is the External Secrets Operator?

Managing secrets in Kubernetes is not unlike teaching a cow to ice skate.

It’s possible but not always pretty and can be a little cumbersome, to say the least. There’s a crashing of credentials, surge of software environments and thunder of third-party services that cunningly result in hundreds of secrets before you even notice.

And thus the birth of our new External Secrets Operator (ESO).

What is it?

External Secrets Operator (ESO) reads information from a third-party service like AWS Secrets Manager and automatically injects the values as Kubernetes Secrets.

In the External Secrets eBook, Gustavo Carvalho and Lucas Severo Alves take you through everything you need to know about ESO, how to set external-secrets yourself and how to get involved in the community.

In it, you’ll learn how to set External-Secrets with:

  • AWS
  • GCP Secret Manager
  • HashiCorp Vault
  • Azure KeyVault

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Meet the authors



Gustavo Carvalho is a Cloud Native Engineer and maintainer of External Secrets Operator. He currently works for Container Solutions, helping companies to become ready for the Cloud Native space.


Lucas bwportrait


 Lucas Severo Alves is a maintainer and one of the creators of External Secrets Operator. He currently works for Red Hat as part of the OpenShift core team, sending code to upstream Kubernetes and downstream to OpenShift.