WTF is Reliability, and how to get there?

June 16th

17:00 CEST

This event is remote

Over the years a lot of research has been conducted and many books have been written on how to improve the resilience of our software. This talk will dive deep into the three keep practices identified by the authors of Accelerate to improve reliability: Chaos Engineering, GameDays, and Disaster Recovery. We will discuss the key measures of tempo and stability, and how practicing Chaos Engineering will increase both.


We will be walking through the Google Cloud open source Bank of Anthos application to illustrate why teams should focus on the customer experience and how to test for failures.

Attendees will learn practical tips that you can put into action focused on resource consumption, capacity planning, region failover, decoupling services and deployment pain

Our Speakers will include:

Julie Gunderson is a Senior Reliability Advocate at AWS, who has advocated DevOps best methodologies over the last five years. Along with advocacy, in her past role Julie was responsible for building partnerships with the major clouds. Julie loves working with people, advocating best practices and all building relationships. Julie also was a founding member of DevOpsDays Boise, which recently celebrated its 4th year. When Julie isn’t working she is most likely making jewelry out of circuit boards, or traipsing around the mountains in Idaho.