WTF is Product Strategy?

16 November 2022 

14:00 - 15:30 CET


An awful lot of no-good, truly-useless, dribble-drabble nonsense is written and spoken about strategy.

At its core, good product strategy helps product teams improve the speed and quality of their decisions. But what exactly does such a strategy look like? Well, that all depends on the decisions you're trying to make.

This session explores what constitutes a good product strategy, how to know when your strategy works as planned, and how to pivot when it (inevitably) doesn't.

You can watch the video directly below, or see it with a full transcript here.


Matt LeMay

Matt LeMay is an internationally recognised product leader, author, and consultant. He is the  author of Agile for Everybody (O’Reilly Media, 2018) and Product Management in Practice (Second Edition O'Reilly Media, 2022), and has helped build and scale product management practices at companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Matt is the creator of the One Page / One Hour Pledge, a commitment to minimise busywork and maximise collaboration that has been adopted by over 100 individuals and teams at Amazon, Walmart, CNN, BBVA, and more.

Matt is co-founder and partner at Sudden Compass, a consultancy that has helped organisations like Spotify, Clorox, Google, and Procter & Gamble put customer centricity into practice. Previously, Matt worked as Senior Product Manager at music startup Songza (acquired by Google), and Head of Consumer Product at Bitly. Matt is also a musician, recording engineer, and the author of a book about singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. He lives in London, England with his wife Joan.


Jamie Dobson

Jamie Dobson is co-founder and the CEO of Container Solutions, a professional services company that specialises in Cloud Native transformation. A veteran software engineer, he specialises in leadership and organisational strategy and is a frequent presenter at conferences.

Jamie is also the co-author of Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation, (O'Reilly Media, 2020).