WTF is Observability?

Isn’t observability just fancy monitoring? 

No. No, it’s not. 

Monitoring is how you see what could go wrong by the time it reaches the end user. (Think ‘Orks’)

Observability is how you see why something could go wrong, and change that long before it reaches the end user. (Think ‘Eye of Sauron’)

wtf-is-cn-WTF is Observability_

The adoption of Cloud Native and distributed systems needs high-quality observability. In turn, successful observability requires a plethora of tools. Luckily, ‘a plethora’ is the exact number of open-source tools available for this. 

Serdar Kalaycı, a Cloud Native engineer at Container Solutions, unpacks observability, how we can lean into it to take stock of the overall health of our Cloud Native systems, and some open-source tools to help. 

From business metrics to Kubernetes metrics, he also explores what matters and what to measure - and then how to visualise and respond to the data we collect. 

This eBook is an excellent resource to understand: 

  • Monitoring
  • Logging
  • Metrics
  • Tracing
  • Data visualisation
  • Alerting 


Download your copy. Have fun! 

Meet the author


Serdar is a Cloud Native Engineer at Container Solutions. After a long career as a software developer and software architect in pursuit of better software, he noticed that platforms and processes are equally important as the architecture and the quality of the software itself. He then turned his focus more on the cultural shift needed to achieve better software and platforms and tools that support it. After working as a consultant on subjects like Agility, DevOps, code quality and Kubernetes, he decided to shape his career where he can use all these aspects in conjunction. In his spare time, he plays the bass guitar for the grunge cover band called No Excuse For Old Men and likes to play FRP games.