WTF is DevEx? | Live Panel in London

Thursday, 13 April 2023

18:00 BST

London, Pavilion City Club & Offices


The terms “Platform engineering”, “internal developer platforms”, “golden path” are everywhere. And so the world of Developer Experience can no longer be ignored. 

If your team has developers, you have a Developer Experience. Done. Khalas. 

WTF is Dev Ex Panel discussion Social London

You can either create a deliberate, effective experience that brings value, productivity and joy. Or you can ignore the concept and let chaos, frustration and waste reign. 


  • How do you convince budget-holders and decision-makers that time, energy and money should go towards developer enablement? 
  • How do you get buy-in across the company? 
  • When creating a higher level abstraction, how do you deal with the needs of the more infra-minded groups (like data engineers testing new databases), that need to have control that's outside of the 90-95% happy path?


Due to popularity and high engagement during our latest DevEx panel, we’re hosting an in-person panel discussion in London. 

Join us as we explore the best ways to approach DevEx, how to measure the value of it and how to communicate its importance.

Your panelists will include:

Abigail BangserAbigail Bangser is a Principal Engineer at Syntasso delivering Kratix, an open-source cloud-native framework for building internal platforms on Kubernetes. Her keen interest in supporting internal development comes from over a decade of experience in consulting and product delivery roles across platform, site reliability, and quality engineering. Abby is also an international keynote speaker, co-host of the #CoffeeOps London meetup, and supports SLOConf as a global captain.


SpeakerRichard Renardson is a Solution Engineer at Sysdig, focused on driving security outcomes across containers, Kubernetes and cloud.




Vlad Dubrovskis has been working with DevEx focused teams for the last 5 years of hisVladDubrovskisCircle career and is currently working in the Infrastructure group of Snyk, which focuses on the internal developer experience. The team’s main focus areas are: facilitating deployments across multiple environments, Backstage adoption, DORA Metrics, gathering insights to pinpoint how they can improve the platform experience and building custom tooling to ease developers’ lives.


Your facilitator:

Robel YemaneRobel Yemane is a Senior Cloud Native Engineer at Container Solutions. He has been an engineer for a decade starting as a NOC Operator intern at Blackberry, where he maintained the BB infrastructure in a 24/7 NOC.

He then moved to Thomson Reuters to work as a software engineer, developing new features for the Reuters Tick History - a cloud-based service of historical real-time pricing data.

Later, he joined a cloud-native transformation project at State Street. While the project failed he's learned a lot about cloud-native development and Kubernetes.
Before joining CS he was a platform engineer at a cross-border payment company where he was part of a "DevOps" team responsible for DevEx and the IDP.



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