WTF is Cloud Native? - the eMag

Be careful when you share ideas, and when you entertain the ideas of others. 

One minute you’re reading a DM from a CEO wanting to chat about some content, and the next you’re up at 3AM, editing page 79 of an eMag as a (long-winded, wonderful and unexpected) result of that very same DM.

So here we are. Almost 12 months after the very first WTF is Cloud Native? piece: 

  • Nearly 100 articles commissioned, edited, absorbed and shared. 
  • A bunch of the least-boring, most-valuable webinars (*ahem* WTFinars, actually).
  • A few complaints about the swearing. And giggles. 
  • A ridiculously helpful, safe and life-changing community. 
  • Three hires as a direct result of the publication and its events (two senior Cloud Native engineers and our new editor-in-chief).
  • One mind-blowing conference on Site Reliability Engineering.
  • A virtual event in celebration of the publication.

And now we’ve made an eMag - a curated collection of pieces on Cloud Native strategy, culture and technology from our WTF is Cloud Native? newsletter. 

This eMag contains the top articles (as chosen by readers) from the last year. It looks at everything from hybrid work and recruiting neurodivergent people to API versioning and predictions for the future of computing. 

It’s packed with ridiculously valuable insights, lessons and actionable steps to become a better, safer and more innovative organisation, from people like Holly Cummins, Anne Currie, Ian Miell and Jamie Dobson. 

Grab your copy today.

Oh, and check out WTF is Cloud Native? if you haven’t already!