WTF Is Cloud Native Culture?

15 December 2020


Does Cloud Native come in a box?

Can you download and install it?

Is there such a thing as a spaghettiful microservice?

What is the time frame for ‘continuous’? Once a week? A month?

And WTF did that bank do to its network configuration to make all its developers quit?


In this WTFinar, Holly Cummins, Worldwide Development Leader at IBM Garage, discussed these and other pressing questions (WTFs and others) about Cloud Native and the culture you need to make it truly work for your organisation.

She was joined by Container Solutions CEO Jamie Dobson, who served a tasty, healthy helping of industry gossip while learning about the other stuff. (Come for the goss, stay for the insights).

Who should watch?

  • Executives, managers, anyone who thinks Cloud Native comes in a box, and industry gossip devotees.


  • Understanding the role culture plays in your Cloud Native migration 
  • Knowing how to get culture right 
  • Understanding #WTFisCloudNative (a little more than you did before the talk)
  • Exclusive industry gossip

Your Speakers:

Holly Cummins is Worldwide Developer Leader at the IBM Garage. As part of the Garage, Holly uses tech to enable innovation for clients across a range of industries, from banking and catering to retail and NGOs. Holly is also an Oracle Java Champion, IBM Q Ambassador, and JavaOne rockstar. Before joining the IBM Garage, she was Delivery Lead for the WebSphere Liberty Profile (now Open Liberty). Holly co-authored Manning’s Enterprise OSGi in Action. An in-demand presenter at industry conferences, she has given the keynote at KubeCon. Yeah, she’s THAT Holly.

Jamie Dobson is co-founder and CEO of Container Solutions, a professional services company that specialises in Cloud Native transformation. With clients like Shell, Adidas, and other large enterprises, CS helps organisations navigate not only technology solutions but also adapt their internal culture and set business strategy. Jamie is the co-author of the new book Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation, (O'Reilly Media, 2020). A veteran software engineer, he specialises in leadership and organisational strategy, and is a frequent presenter at conferences.




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