WTF Are Cloud Ethics?

Who knew clouds came with so many ethical concerns. From cloud seeding to cloud computing, things can get rocky, and quickly. 

In a 2018 Stack Overflow ethics questionnaire, only 60% of developers said they definitely wouldn’t write unethical code. The other 40% were more wishy-washy on the subject. In the same survey, only 20% said they felt the person who wrote a piece of code was ethically responsible for it. 

Online actions can have devastating IRL impact because software runs the world. It can often run into trouble: cyberattacks, security lapses, misuse of private data, and spreading misinformation that leads to real-life violence. And, of course, there’s the cumulative impact of data centres on our planet. 

No pressure. 


So how do we use software to run the world, and not ruin it? Our new ebook helps navigate those questions. It maps the major areas of Cloud ethics you and your organisation need to keep in mind as you design and build your Cloud Native future. The book covers:

  • The areas most likely to generate ethical dilemmas
  • Why the law is the floor, not the ceiling, when it comes to ethical behaviour
  • Guidelines for avoiding ethical lapses
  • How to develop the soft skills you’ll need to speak up persuasively when you see something wrong.


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Meet the author


Anne Currie is tech ethicist at Container Solutions. She is a veteran engineer, startup founder, and writer who in 2020 developed a new open source Tech Ethics curriculum, supported by Container Solutions, for the University of Hertfordshire’s master’s level Computer Science course. She is a contributor to The Register, InfoQ, and The New Stack, a frequent speaker at tech conferences, and author of the sci-fi Panopticon series.