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What Is SRE for Managers?

15th July

The world is changing. 

We can fall behind, 

                                   keep up 

                                                       or set the pace. 

The role we take comes down to how well we foster innovative environments and approaches through software, practises and culture. And consistent innovation needs reliable systems.

As more companies hire Site Reliability Engineers, rename their Ops teams to SRE teams and look into DevOps, the Cloud Native challenges reveal themselves quickly. 

So, why SRE? What is the business value? What about the costs and overall impact on the organisation? You can’t just throw a new set of practices at people and expect them to be excited about yet another seemingly haphazard change.

But true Cloud Native isn’t haphazard - although it is reactive and built on the idea of continuous change, it stems from aligned strategy, culture and tech. 

In this session, we’re diving into:

  • The world of Cloud Native - its enchantment, challenges and business value. 
  • Main SRE concepts and processes
  • The organisational changes needed to go from responsive to preventive maintenance.

Our hands-on experience with large enterprises shows us what successful and less successful SRE introductions look like - which we will also be sharing. 

Should you attend? 

If you’re at all interested in being an industry leader through reliable systems, improved customer experiences and innovative engineers, then yes. 

More specifically, you should definitely attend if you’re a mid-level or senior technical manager, architect, team lead, CIO or CTO

Enjoyed by you (hopefully). Presented by Container Solutions and Cisco (definitely).

Hosted by:


Reinhardt Quelle Reinhardt Quelle is the Director of Site Reliability Engineering in Cisco's Emerging Technology and Incubation (ET&I) group, where his team creates platform services in support of, and in partnership with, new venture product teams. 



Pini Reznik, co-founder and CRO of Container Solutions, and co-author of the O’Reilly book, Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation.(currently available to download for FREE) 




CNCF ambassador, author of SRE: The Cloud Native Approach to Operations e-book (also available to download for free), and Container Solutions CCO Michael Müller.