GitOps Ebook: What You Need to Know Now

GitOps is a fast-growing technology movement that is being talked about more and more. Our latest e-book, by Ian Miell, a Cloud Native engineer at Container Solutions, is aimed at anyone who finds themselves unsure about how to navigate this emergent way of working and wants to know more about it.

The GitOps concept originated in a blog post from the software consultancy Weaveworks in 2017 entitled ‘GitOps—Operation by Pull Request’. The word itself combines the name the source-control tool (Git), and its application to software operations (Ops). It’s an echo of DevOps, an earlier and related movement that sought to emphasise software operations and break down silos between different teams.

Here's how GitOps developed:

GitOps History

GitOps seeks to reduce load on operational teams by leveraging key features of Git that make reasoning about software delivery and maintenance easier. As a movement, it's grown alongside the development of related technologies, including Kubernetes, Terraform, ArgoCD, FluxCD, and JenkinsX.

From GitOps: What You Need to Know Now, you will learn:

  • What GitOps is
  • Why it was invented
  • What problems it solves
  • The differences between the principal GitOps tools
  • Implementation challenges
  • Alternatives to GitOps
  • The future of the GitOps movement

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Meet the author

Ian Miell GitOps Expert


Ian Miell is a Cloud Native engineer at Container Solutions. He has decades of experience in IT, writing, running, architecting, and maintaining software for some of the world's busiest systems. He has published a number of books, including Learn Git the Hard Way, and blogs about technology and more at



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