On-Premises Kubernetes

Experience Kubernetes on bare-metal

This five-day guided hackathon focuses on how to setup a production-ready, resilient Kubernetes cluster running on bare-metal. From provisioning to tuning you will get hands-on with the steps required to effectively run Kubernetes on-premises.

Building and running on-premises kubernetes clusters requires careful infrastructure planning from networking, through compute power and up to storage in order to run kubernetes workloads successfully.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for Systems Administrators, Infrastructure Architects, and DevOps Engineers who want to take advantage of Kubernetes in their own data centre.

What can I expect from the workshop?

The workshop will be highly interactive, together with our Cloud Native engineers you will develop an understanding of how to approach provisioning a Kubernetes cluster within your own on-premises environment.

Key takeaways

  • Understand the key differences between running on-premises Kubernetes vs a managed service in a public cloud
  • Outline the key steps in moving to an on-premises setup
  • Identify Day 0, 1 and 2 challenges of running Kubernetes on-premises
  • Identify key elements for successful Kubernetes deployments
  • Understand the role of underlay networking and how it relates to Kubernetes’ overlay networking
  • Understand the important aspects of automated OS provisioning
  • Understand local storage to support Kubernetes workloads

Topics covered

  • Kubernetes in the Cloud vs On-premises
  • Networking for on-premises Kubernetes
  • Exposing Kubernetes workloads to the outside world
  • Automated OS provisioning for kubernetes nodes
  • Automated Kubernetes cluster deployment
  • Kubernetes operations – backup and disaster recovery
  • On-premises storage
  • Securing applications and infrastructure

Required experience

  • A solid understanding of Kubernetes
  • At least 1 year of running Kubernetes in a public cloud
  • Basic IP networking knowledge
  • Basic Linux administration skills

Participant prerequisites

  • WiFi-enabled laptop

Format & Duration

  • Guided hackathon
  • 5 days
  • Optimal capacity of 6-10 participants

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