Virtual Cloud Native Hackathon 2020

1 August

15:00 CEST

This event is remote.

Container Solutions is proud to announce a continuation of our Distributed Cloud Native Hackathon events. This time, our fully remote Hackathon will run across the globe. 

Join us to learn, experiment, or build with the latest open-source tools from the Cloud Native ecosystem. You will get to test new technologies as well as have fun with our Kubernetes-oriented games, created by Container Solutions' engineers.

For more advanced users, we will provide an opportunity to build new Cloud Native tools to benefit the community, together with mentors from Container Solutions.

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Main track

Test your skills with Kubernetes-based games in our Main Track! Each game will require you to build automation (simple bash script, complicated GoLang solution—it’s up to you) around different topics. The games will be followed by a training session explaining the idea behind each activity and the real-life challenges it represents.

Open track

If you are willing to go crazy and build something from scratch, Open Track is the place to be. Together with engineers from Container Solutions you will be able to make your engineering dreams come true.

Always wanted to test Istio? Check out what’s the fuss about Serverless? Try GitOps solutions? In OpenTrack, you can form a team with other participants interested in similar topics and build Cloud Native solutions.

Who should attend?

Any developer or systems engineer who’s interested in Cloud Native technologies, has at least basic knowledge of Kubernetes, and wants to have fun playing with modern technologies should sign up.


15:00 - Introduction
15:15 - Choose your Track
15:30 - Games & Hacking
17:30 - Virtual Beer & Pizza
18:30 - Games & Hacking
20:30 - Show and Tell
21:00 - End

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