Psychological Safety, Cloud Native, and Solving Incidents Without Tears

The most ethical (and business-savvy) thing you can do for the people you work with is to help maintain an environment of psychological safety: making everyone feel they can speak up and share their ideas without fear of reprisal or humiliation. 

It’s not just a nice thing to do. It makes good business sense. If everyone feels free to contribute their ideas to solving a problem, it gets solved faster. No single idea starts out great. They start off rough around the edges, aren’t always articulated well and can be downright weird. But when shared, they grow and develop into solutions that the world doesn’t know it needs, yet. When your organisation develops a culture that values creativity, new business ideas can rise to the surface and become reality—and sources of revenue.  

In our latest whitepaper, we dive into what psychological safety means, including the brain science behind it. We explore why it’s an essential part of any Cloud Native organisation. 




We also apply psychological safety to perhaps the most crucial common experience in IT: dealing with the aftermath of a service outage or other incident. Our “painless guide to blameless postmortems” offers a step-by-step explanation of how to handle incidents in a way that gets to the heart of the problem and helps the team learn from it. 

The whitepaper covers:

  • 5 steps for creating a climate of psychological safety
  • The neurological process that makes psychological safety critical
  • How risk pushes innovation 
  • A checklist for “blameless postmortems”

Download the free whitepaper: Psychological Safety, Cloud Native, and Solving Incidents Without Tears.

Meet the authors


Andrea Dobson-Kock is head of the People Team at Container Solutions. She is a Registered Psychologist (HPCP) and a cognitive behavioural therapist who worked for more than a decade in
mental health practice before joining Container Solutions in 2015.
At Container Solutions she has overseen coaching, executive education, and the hiring process, while also creating the company’s leadership development programme. 



Cameron Wood is head of Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) at Container Solutions, which is part of the company’s Cloud Native Operations service.