Microservices for Managers


Learn how to use this powerful new architecture in your team


Microservice architectures are enabling enterprise development teams to parallelise their work and move faster. They are also helping operations and devops teams to make their production systems more resilient and self-healing -- leading to better uptimes and lower costs.

The Microservice approach is powerful. However, it also introduces new issues to tackle and problems to solve -- alongside its opportunities.

Our new Microservices for Managers workshop steps back from the hype and addresses the advantages and difficulties of adopting Microservices in existing organisations. Based on our extensive real world experience, we take managers and leads through the theory and practice behind the Microservices revolution. We discuss what the benefits are to organisations at different stages, and how to realise them without breaking everything you already have.

Our course will inform managers so that they can successfully navigate the Microservices hype and adopt them effectively within their own enterprises.  

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