Maintaining Psychological Health During COVID-19 

Right now, many people are working from home for the first time ever. They are confronted with juggling their work and children, trying to keep a brave face, and in many cases self-isolating, recovering from illness or mourning the death of a loved one.

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Container Solutions have an internal team of psychologists. Together, they we have come up with a set of guidelines for maintaining mental health during the COVID pandemic. These guidelines include: 

  • Understanding Anxiety in a Pandemic. During crisis, it's important to focus on what you can control. This can range from what you eat, when you sleep and how much television you watch. At the same time, it's important to acknowledge your feelings and not chase them away.
  • Empathetic Responding. It's normal to fall victim to wishful thinking or to excessively seek support. However, for both the individual and the community, the most effective strategy is empathic responding. Questions like, 'here we are, how can we help?' 'what can I do to support you?' are powerful. These guidelines show you how best to create empathetic responses.
  • Daily Life. Because the COVID crisis will not be short, it's essential we don't give up on our daily routines. The excessive use of alcohol or drugs will not help, but going to bed and getting exercise will. 
  • Dealing with Loss. It is likely that we are all going to be experiencing some form of grief over the next few months. This could be from bereavement or from the loss of normality, freedom of movement, social connection, hobbies, and new experiences. These guidelines will help you understanding the mechanisms of grief.

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Jamie Dobson and the team at Container Solutions


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