Our Holiday Hackathon: Highlights

Berlin and London, 7 December 2019

This past Saturday, Container Solutions was delighted to organize a simultaneous Distributed Cloud Native Hackathon in London at the Microsoft Reactor, and in Berlin at Playground, both linked via video conference.

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Under the guidance of Container Solutions engineers, participants had the opportunity to learn about Kubernetes and to get hands-on experience with operator building, monitoring, and logging cloud solutions, among other things.

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This was followed by a competition between Berlin and London, where participants had a lot of fun attempting to hack each other’s APIs to fire a remote-controlled Nerf gun at the opposite team. London won by a nose, managing to fire Berlin’s gun first, but it was a very close call.

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The prizes: 

  • For the workshop participants: our brand new book, ‘Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation’, by Jamie Dobson, Pini Reznik, and MIchelle Gienow. (You can get a free 75-page excerpt of the book here.) 
  • For winners of the Nerf gun challenge: a Nerf gun!


For some insight, you can take a look at this blog by Mohammed Nawaz, who was at the London event.

Our thanks to all the participants, we’ve had an amazing time meeting with each and every one of you.

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