Customer Reliability Engineering

How our new service can help you get the most value from your Cloud Native platform.

Once your new platform is built and running in production, how do you keep it maintained so it runs reliably 24/7, while also continuing to innovate and respond to ever-changing customer demands? 

That’s where our new service, Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) can help.

Our CRE service depends on two teams—one composed of your engineers, focused on innovation, another of our Cloud Native operations experts, focused on reliability. You get the best of both worlds: in-house innovation and expert guidance in keeping your business running reliably.

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  • What is CRE?
  • How does it work?
  • What you will need to take advantage of CRE
  • The side benefits of CRE
  • Is CRE right for your organisation?


Here's a sample from the brochure, showing how the reliability, or Site Reliability Engineering team works in an organisation with CRE:




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