Preparing for the Moments That Matter

A crash course in chaos engineering

10 September 2020

Most engineers have heard about Netflix’s Chaos Monkey. However, not all of them understand why they are randomly killing virtual machine instances in their infrastructure.

That practice is called chaos engineering, and it helps build more resilient applications and ultimately a more reliable internet.

During this video, from a webinar co-sponsored by  Container Solutions and the software company Gremlin, you will be introduced to the ideas behind chaos engineering, the benefits it brings to your business, and how to get started. We’ll walk you through what we like to call ‘the 5 W’s of Chaos Engineering: What, Why, When, Where, and Who’.


Who should watch?

Executives, heads of IT, engineering managers, enterprise architects, operations engineers, and DevOps engineers 

Meet the speakers

Patrick van der Bleek is EMEA solutions architect at Gremlin, helping customers adopt chaos engineering in their organisations and guiding them on their path towards higher resiliency. Prior to joining Gremlin, he held a variety of tech-related roles at Docker, Red Hat, and the Dutch National Police.

Andreas Krivas and Rafael Portela are software engineers at Container Solutions, currently working on Chaos Engineering projects using Cloud Native and open source tools.