Case Study: How Adidas Achieved E-Commerce Success

In the space of a few short years, the German sportswear giant Adidas went from €4m in online revenue to €4bn. In 2020, in fact, it saw e-commerce sales leap 53% compared to the previous year—explosive growth at a time that challenged retailers. How did the company do it?

Adidas positioned itself to seize e-commerce opportunities by building a Cloud Native platform that is reliable, fast, scalable, and efficient. The company is well-versed in navigating challenges—after all, it originated the slogan, “Impossible is nothing.” But it knew it needed trusted partners to map the best path forward.

It found those partners in Container Solutions and Giant Swarm.

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Working closely together, the new partners helped Adidas gain:

  • The right framework to empower exploration and learning. Not just a fully managed Cloud Native stack circled around Kubernetes, but training in best practices and advice on technology choices.
  • The operations support needed to succeed. Real-time, 24/7 support and coaching aimed at keeping operations overhead to a minimum.
  • The freedom to grow and the knowledge to excel. Automation of many routine tasks, hands-on training, and holistic support help Adidas’s teams to keep growing with Cloud Native.

Container Solutions and Giant Swarm continue to work together to guarantee velocity and agility, letting Adidas focus on what matters most: innovative shopping experiences for its customers. 

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