A Pattern Language
for Strategy,

This is for you if:

  • You are overwhelmed by all the choices you have in your Cloud Native journey.
  • You are unsure how or where to start on your Cloud Native Journey.
  • You are moving to Cloud Native.
  • You are generally interested in strategy.


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Books to help you survive—and thrive

In our new book published by O’Reilly, Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation, we introduced readers to Cloud Native patterns, proven steps that organisations can combine to design a successful Cloud Native system, one that helps companies constantly innovate and deliver greater value to their customers.

Written by our co-founders Jamie Dobson and Pini Reznik, the new e-book A Pattern Language for Strategy builds on their previous book’s strategy section. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Chapter 1: What strategy is—and isn't. How patterns can save you time and provide a framework for thinking.
  • Chapter 2: An explanation of the patterns themselves—like Dynamic Strategy, Research Through Action, and Gradually Raising the Stakes—that will allow you to plot a way forward, step-by-step. 
  • Chapter 3: A return to WealthGrid, the fictional company at the center of our book Cloud Native Transformation. See how our hero, Jenny, navigates an existential crisis using strategy patterns.

Meet the authors

jamie-2Jamie Dobson, co-founder and CEO of Container Solutions, a professional services company that specialises in Cloud Native transformation. With clients like Shell, Adidas, and other large enterprises, CS helps organisations navigate not only technology solutions but also adapt their internal culture and set business strategy. Jamie is also co-author of the new book Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation, published by O’Reilly. A veteran software engineer, he specialises in leadership and organisational strategy, and is a frequent presenter at conferences.

Pini Reznik is co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Container Solutions. Starting as a developer more than 20 years ago and moving through technical, managerial, and consulting positions in configuration management and operations areas, Pini acquired deep understanding of the software delivery processes. His company helps organisations in Europe and North America improve their value to customers by modernising their software delivery pipeline. He is co-author of the new O’Reilly Media book, Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation.

You can listen to Jamie's talk on Strategy in this webinar uploaded to our Youtube channel: